Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone and Happy New Year to you all. Mrs HF and I have started the new year as we hope to continue - with a nice training run. My programme said I had to run 2.5 miles easy, then do 4 x 3 minute intervals with 3 mins rest between each. I think of this as "3 on / 3 off" because it's easier to remember!
I spoke to my Dad before we went out. He was in West Sussex, right on the south coast. He had wall to wall sunshine. He'd spoken to some friends in Norfolk; wall to wall sunshine. Same for my Mum in Devon. We set off in cold, cloudy, conditions with spots of rain in the air! The roads were wet, wet, wet, with puddles stretching right across which necessitated tip toeing along the crown of the lane with a nice high knee lift.
The run itself was quite enjoyable except that all the "on" intervals seemed to occur on all the uphill sections! But I got the job done with an average pace of 9.08 mins/mile which isn't great, but the fastest interval was 5.40 which wasn't too bad.  I'm following Runner's World's 10k programme because we're off to Club La Santa for a training camp/holiday in February and I want to get some fitness before I go!

Smileyrating  6/10

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  1. ....and a Happy New Year to you and your good lady. Nice to know you're still running - and I'm a bit envious of your visit to Club la Santa. We wont be far away from you though - across the water in La Palma, running the volcanoes. Have a good year.