Sunday, 6 January 2013

A wet plod

Yesterday I put another tick on the training plan. "4-6 miles easy" was the requirement. So, after a morning spent lying in the mist on the fells at Red Screes waiting to be found by the gorgeous Lake District Mountain Rescue Search dogs,  I headed out towards Staveley village for 3 miles, turned round and ran back again. It was a damp, dank, dreary, gloomy afternoon. It just didn't seem to get light at all all day. For the first mile I accompanied Mrs HF who was out doing her own training and then I headed off past dripping trees and ancient, moss-covered stone walls. Needless to say, everything was wet; road, fields, sheep. Even the free-range chickens were scratching about with sodden, matted feathers.
The run itself was fine. It's a good undulating route and I eased along very gently with an average pace of 10:36 min miles and a best pace of 7:18. My average heart rate was 126, which is a touch low, and a max of 152. It's been a long time since I've run 6 miles on road, so my legs feel a bit battered this morning, but they'll recover.
Smileyrating  6/10

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