Monday, 13 April 2009

On shoes and shuffling

After last week's slump (see last post) went out today in my new Roclite's. Wonderful shoes. Not the greatest cushioning -but most of the run was on fields and fell, so OK - but brilliantly comfortable.
Did 8 and a half miles along the river to Staveley then up and over Potter Fell.
Still felt like tish backwards and struggled hugely on anything remotely like a slope (were the Spanish hill reps all in vain?) but plodded and shuffled on anyway and gained some satisfaction from at least having completed it.
Doesn't bode well for Hawkeshead next week though. Funny, three weeks ago I was looking forward to it. Now fear has crept in and the brain is making noises like 'well, let's just treat it as a training run,' 'just enjoy it', 'don't worry about time'. Hey ho. This is just running I suppose.
Gorgeous day out today. Sunny, calm and cool. Lambs a go-go. Skylarks and curlews filling the air with song. Perfect for running. Which makes my grovelling progress all the more galling.
Smile rating: 10 for the weather, 9 for my shoes, 3 for me.

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