Monday, 27 April 2009

A Good Marathon

Had a really good London Marathon this year. The conditions were perfect. The crowds were unbelievable and gave you a lift when you were flagging. I think I went off too quickly at the start, but as the miles unfolded I settled into a nice steady rhythm. By keeping well hydrated, I found I was able to stay focussed and in the zone for the full three and a half hours of BBC1 coverage. I even had enough left later for the highlights programme.
I have to say that all elements of my training came together well; the stamina sessions watching the darts and the snooker, and the short, sharp, Question of Sport interval telly sessions that are so vital when you've got full-on Sue Barkering to contend with. As is usual, before the marathon I went out for a run (if you go out afterwards, it looks like you've been shamed into it by watching it on telly) and did a crisp 36 minute tempo session around the mean streets of, er, Wilmslow. Gorgeous day, cool and sunny and I felt good. Mind you, I can't imagine ever doing London. 50,000 people and 26.2 miles on road. Are you mad? Give me fells!
Smile rating 8/10

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