Sunday, 5 April 2009


There's a beautiful grass that grows on a hillside in southern Spain. It's known locally as 'Cerillo grass' - the grass that grows on the cerillo (small hill). It's used as fodder for mules and grows in great profusion among the shoulder-high rosemary, bee orchids and myriad other exquisite wild flowers that line the zig-zag stony goat tracks that traverse the steep terrain.
It was among this beautiful grass that I did a twenty minute Kenyan hill session whilst on holiday recently. My route took me from the villa, down the steep, metalled, road to the plunging goat-track which led to a Roman bridge in the base of the valley. From here was a short, steep uphill section to rejoin the sinuous curves of the metalled road as it folded in upon itself. Once back on the tarmac, it was grind uphill, curve after curve, with no respite, back to the beginning of the goat track. Then repeat. Twice more.
It was a sweaty Smileyrunner that eventually dragged itself back to the villa. A tough training session. But scenically stunning.
Smile rating 7.5/10

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