Wednesday, 20 May 2009

On coming over all Bridget Jones

Tuesday May 19th. Weight 68.3kg (not good). Height 1.8m (but can't measure myself so used record from last medical 2 yrs ago. Can't have shrunk much can I?). BMI 21.1 (not good enough for an athlete, nor morbidly obese enough to get own programme on Channel 4). Wine last night; 1 lge glass (relatively restrained). Sleep last night, 6 hours (bad, but understandable given weird dream about being attacked by dwarf brandishing clump of blue grass).
Highland Fling 2010 training commenced at 7am with 5 miles along delightful, hilly country lane lined with majestic ferns (v.g). Completed in 46.46, at 9.20 pace (not good). Glacial movement explained by a) 7am start, b) ensuring it was conversational pace and c) wine/sleep combination of the night before. Average HR 140bpm, max 160 (good).
Smiley rating 7/10

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