Thursday, 28 May 2009

Ralph McTell of all people

The great thing about these late Spring/early Summer mornings is that it makes it much easier to get up in the morning. Which was why I found myself at 0545 tottering around the streets of London (and why the blog has the title it does). 
It was warm, and slightly humid as I left the hotel and ran up and out towards Islington. I've no idea where I went and after yesterday's debacle with the Garmin I left it at home and just ran for 45 minutes. My only route choice was to a) remember where I'd been so I could get back(!) and b) if a road had trees in it, I ran along it in the probably misguided belief that I would get cooler, fresher air!
As a run, it was great. There is something nice about running in a city as it wakes up. There was traffic on the main roads, but I was running up quiet side streets and around tree-lined squares, peeking into people's gardens. I saw a squirrel too, which I'm sure is the sort of detail that will really make your day; "Hey, darling, the economy's tanked, Korea's charging towards nuclear war, our parliamentary system's a bucket of sleaze, but never mind, Smileyrunner's seen a squirrel". 
My apologies if you've now got Ralph's song in your head all day...
Smiley rating 7.5/10

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  1. Mmm, early morning runs; I have a love/hate thing going on. Great in the summer though and always glad when I've got out it's just leaving bed that's a toughie. Glad to hear you're getting out, even in the big smoke.