Friday, 1 May 2009

On the one hand...

... I've just had (yesterday evening) a 9.9 smileyrating run. It was only my local river loop but somehow it was almost perfect. I'd been working all day, done my washing and ironing (I proffer these domestic details to show what a wild, hedonistic existence I enjoy) and had a bottle of something white and pleasing a-chilling in the fridge. So I was ready to go out for a run.
The rain had stopped, the sun had come out and everything was dripping and fresh. It was gorgeous. I took no watch, just ran because it was a nice thing to do. And it flowed, feeling easy even up the long drag up the sheep field. It was good and soggy underfoot, but even that was pleasurable. On the return leg (the course basically goes up one side of the River Sprint and back down the other) the bluebells were shimmering, fluorescing perfection and the sun sparkled on the rain-drenched grass. Fantastic.
Smile rating 9.9

...on the other hand, I've just decided to enter the Highland Fling next year. This is 53 miles along the West Highland Way. It's all ultrarunning collie's fault. Read his blog ( for the full story. It's all there. Tragedy, heroism, sacrifice, triumph. How could you not be moved into trying it? If that doesn't work, take a look at the website and the pictures will make it irresistible. I wonder if there'll be bluebells?


  1. there were no bluebells but i could recall some blue words being muttered to myself.
    sounds like a top notch trot out with a drop of vino post run with which to contemplate how you start to train for a 53miler! here's a clue...hal higdon! you'll love it.

  2. and what sort of work verification is 'fakshis' ?!