Thursday, 7 May 2009

Sorry, folks

This blog'll be pretty meaningless to pretty much everyone. But I found a new route today: Out across the River Sprint towards Skelsmergh, through the field with the rustic wicket gates (and not-so-rustic overhead electric fence cable), past the boggy bit to the Shap road (A6), then a sort of right hand curve following your nose and the footpath signs to loop back further S. on the A6, turn into the Burneside road, across a couple of fields, back across the Sprint and home. As I said, meaningless. But it was a very pleasant 45 minutes or so in blustery sunshine. I'll do it again once I've got my Garmin chest strap back (long story) so I can be a bit more digit-intensive for you.
Cracking route though. Nicely undulating, lovely sheep-mown grassy slopes, interesting stiles and gates, a friendly collie in the farm at the furthermost point... what more could you want? Felt good too. Just sort of drifted along, nice and steady. Came back to discover England were well on top in the Test Match as well.
Smile rating: 8/10

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