Friday, 30 October 2009

It damn well IS about the bike!

There's something about cycling. I can no more go out for a gentle pootle on my bike than I can seduce Nicole Kidman (eh up, where's this going...). Take today. I meant to go out and just enjoy a nice easy loop through the village, up into Kendal, round the edge of town and back up the Shap road to home. With a heart rate of between 108 and 117 (60 -65% of max). What happened? Average heart rate 140, max 170. Somehow, every ride is like a time trial. It's just no fun unless the bike is going as quickly as possible. All the time. Is it just me?
I've had a very worky week this week, with not much opportunity to get out, so I'm feeling guilty and slobby. Maybe that's why my ride was so manic. I was angry with myself. Next week should be better as we're having a little home holiday. Mind you, these normally turn into vigorous training camps with informal schedules and such like, but this one will be a bit different as we're getting ready to have the old kitchen ripped out, a couple of walls knocked down and a new one installed. "Two weeks" says our (brilliant) builder. I have my doubts. Still, with a week off, I'm sure we'll get out. I wonder if Nicole's got a bike?
Cyclesmiley rating 8/10 (well, it was fun going 30mph downhill)

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  1. riding and nk in the same mindset sr, what would mrs sr think ;)