Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Statto heaven!

For those who like numbers, I did a gym session yesterday:
15 minutes spinning bike, 15 minutes cross-trainer, 15 minutes rowing - all at 60-65% of max HR. Then weights: Flys and chest press lying on a Swiss ball, bicep curls and shoulder raises - all with 6kg dumbells. Lying chest press 2x12 reps with 15kg; seated shoulder raises 2x12 reps with 10kg; leg press 2x12 reps with 55kg; 2x12 reps hamstring curls with 10kg; 2x12 reps calf raises. Core stability: 2x12 reps of V-sits, 2x15 obliques in V-sit, 2x1min plank. Expresso in cafe to finish.
This is my new, non-running day routine, with the occasional 500m swim replacing one of the spinning/cross-trainer/rowing sessions. I've no idea how much good it's doing, but I feel great after doing it and I go with Maggie which makes it all the better.
Also, doing it makes you realise how office life / working at a computer and just running makes the upper body completely pathetic! My chest press and shoulder raise figures are a real laugh. But I'll carry on and see how I get on. I'm hoping to do some sea kayaking next year, so this should all help.
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  1. Woweee! Very impressive numbers there. You'll be rippling and all Brutus like in a few weeks time. I can't even do three press ups. You've inspired me to dust off the dumbells. I might even lift them a few times tonight! Rb.