Monday, 12 October 2009

My LSD for last week...

This is a deviation from the normal blog. Think of it as Smileywalker. I didn't do a long run this week. But we did do a long (6 hours) walk in the hills around Whinlatter.
We started up through the forest...
With tantalising glimpses of the open fell above us (Brown How is just up on the right)

From there we visited Whinlatter Top (below), Tarbarrel Moss, Ullister Hill, Lord's Seat, Broom Fell and Graystones before dropping down and back to the car.
Great day. Great skies. Cool and windy weather and a celebratory Green & Black's mini butterscotch chocolate back at the car. Now that's what I call long steady distance training!

Smiley rating 9/10


  1. i love whinlatter..but only before the tourists arrive or after theyve gone..its a totally different place
    i may have pushed it to a celebratory pint of cumberland though...

  2. I might have forgotten to mention the pint of Collie Wobbles at the Watermill at Ings on the way home! (Great pub by the way. Microbrewery and good food).

  3. Hi Hayfella; thanks for your note on my blog! I see we share an appreciation of Richard Thompson and Aubrey-Maturin as well. (May I recommend Terry Pratchett too?! O'Brian and Pratchett both worthy heirs of Jane Austen as keen social observers.) I love your photos; hope you will also shares some pictures you've drawn. Glad to know someone else has discovered that it's never too late to start making new kinds of art. You already have the eye!