Friday, 23 October 2009

OMG, a PB!

Went for a lunchtime trot around the River Loop yesterday and stunned myself. I ended up doing it in 26.20, which, I think, is about 30s quicker than my previous best. I have absolutely no idea how it happened! All I can recall is having a sense of urgency because I needed to get back and work, so I ran each section between the stiles as a little interval. Not going mad, just pushing on. I guess the few seconds I saved each time gradually accumulated.

It was a lovely day for it. The breeze was chilly, but there was still some residual warmth in the sun. The sheep are all busily being made pregnant now, so they are going around with variously coloured buttocks (the ram wears a girdle-like contraption which bears an inky pad. He approaches ewe, mounts and, bingo, one bonk-stamped lady sheep), but there was a curious lack of birds. Perhaps they've all flown to the sun for the winter. The overgrown footpaths are gradually getting clearer as the vegetation dies back . I like this time of year. The gradual increase in light as the leaves fall is lovely yet the foul chilly stuff hasn't arrived. So a high smiley rating I think; for the PB and the conditions.
Smiley rating 9/10

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  1. Woohoo! A PB! Well done you. Sounds like things are coming together? (including the sheep - teehee :) Good to hear you sounding tip top. RB