Monday, 1 June 2009

Bye Bye London

The final 3 miler of my London trip was another early morning jaunt around Islington. I found yet another new route (not that it's hard in London!) and nipped round pretty easily, despite it being incredibly warm.
As I ran I mused on plane trees. As you do. They are very common in cities as they cope well with the pollution. On one road I ran along they had been severely pruned to lift the canopy. They looked like gaunt lollipops with tall trunks and a clutch of naked branches sprouting from the top. They looked butchered frankly. But they can stand it for, high up, little buds were sprouting new leaves and the low sun made the characteristic smooth, splotchy bark stand out clearly.
Not a great run. Not a bad run. Just a run. Nice enough for a smiley rating of 6/10. My next run according to my programme, is a 6 mile slow jobby back home.

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