Thursday, 14 March 2013

A glorious discovery....

Salt Ayre Leisure Centre lies between Morecambe and Lancaster and is about 45 minutes drive away. It is picturesquely located on a reclaimed landfill site, opposite an industrial estate next to an Asda. Nonetheless it is excellent with a 33m swimming pool and, joy of joys, a reasonably sheltered running track. On Tuesday afternoon Mrs HF and I had it all to ourselves. My programme was an interesting pyramid: 400 / 600 / 800 / 1200 / 800 / 600 / 400m - all to be run at a certain pace, broadly speaking at 1:47 for 400m. All went well for the 400, 600 & 800m. Then I got confused by the giddy prospect of counting all the way up to three laps, and by talking to Mrs HF as she was doing her programme, and ended up doing 1600m instead of 12. Doh! So I finished off with the 800 and 600 and ignored the final 400! For each of the intervals I was pretty much on time, if anything a little quicker than expected. It was a really enjoyable session in the cold wintry sunlight on a very nice track.
Smileyrating 9/10

Today's run was a tempo run: 1.5k easy then 8k @ 5:10 min/km. I did this on my local undulating roads and my km splits were: 5:00 / 5:11 / 5:03 / 5:05 / 4:56 / 5:04 / 5:10 / 4:58. This averages out at about 5:04, so I am quite pleased. 'Twas hard though. I need to do some work in the gym to strengthen my legs and core to protect my knees and hips. It was cold and crisp out, coming on to drizzle just as I finished. My homemade banana/kiwi/blueberry recovery milkshake was delicious!
Smileyrating 7/10

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