Saturday, 9 March 2013

A week outdoors...

Not a bad week this week:
Monday: A bike ride with Mrs HF.
Tuesday: Sketching outside at Arnside in the morning. 12 x 400m intervals session in the afternoon - all run at 6.18 mins/km
Wednesday: Gardening at Holehird, shredding and making compost from 0930 - 1530.
Thursday: Walking all day with Mrs HF around Watendlath, near Borrowdale.
Friday: Digging a soakaway at Holehird. Levering out boulders and ferrying stone chips about to fill the hole. Took all day.
Saturday: Out on the hills helping train the Search Dogs until 2pm. 5 x 1km intervals at 5mins/km run in the sleet this afternoon.
Tomorrow: The plan is to run 12.5km 'Easy'. I might just have a rest day and do this one next week...

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