Monday, 11 March 2013

On judging pace

My programme today called for 12.5km (8 miles ish) at 5:32 mins/km (roughly 9 min miles). At my current level, this is not easy, but should be doable. So I set off in the freezing wind (the Garmin said 1 deg C, feels like -6. About right.)  and snow flurries this morning and headed down the road to Staveley, through Staveley, and back again. And I realised that I am absolutely hopeless at judging my pace. It was all over the place. Some kilometres were 5:07, some were 5:40. It didn't seem to matter whether it was up or down hill, whether into the wind or ahead of it. I just cannot run even paced. Does anyone else have this issue?
Ah well. Sod it. It's not as if there aren't more important things to fret over.  I did the run in 1:08:23 at an average moving pace, according to Garmin, of 5:26 min/k. As close as I'm going to get! And the good news is that I felt pretty relaxed the whole way. Not unduly stressed. The 10k came up in about 55 mins, which is only a couple of minutes off my best pace this year. I think there may be more to come.
Should have a rest day tomorrow but, diaries being as busy as they are, Mrs HF and I are going (weather permitting) to a running track near Lancaster tomorrow. I have a pyramid session: 400 / 600 / 800 / 1200 / 800 / 600 / 400 to do. Trouble is, they all need to be done at a particular pace.... We'll see.

Smileyrating 8/10

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  1. are you in training for something specific hf?? looks like you are ;-)

    pace is hard to judge. sometimes it feels like im off the pace then my watch tells me a pleasant surprise

    track is much easier to gauge as you'll know once you know your paces for various lengths

    enjoy :-)