Wednesday, 24 June 2009

I love summer!

Don't you just love these long, sunny days? After a day working at the computer it was a pleasure to get out for a super 7 miler along the Longsleddale valley. The route starts with a couple of miles that tend uphill, but it's along a lane; cool and sheltered by the overhanging trees and lined with ferns and clouds of midges. It then breaks out onto open fields full of somnolent sheep.
I saw not a soul, though you could hear the noise of traffic on the nearby A6. It felt as if I had this magical corner of the Lakes all to myself.
I felt good, pushed it and felt as if I was going quite well. The Garmin told the true tale of course (well, its version of the truth. For some reason it stopped after 20 mins. I didn't notice for about half a mile!): 9.09 min miles, for 7.97 miles and 1350 feet of ascent. Still, at the moment I'm happy with anything under 10 min miles, especially off-road. A good run.
This might be my last blog for a while, for reasons I'll explain next time. Bye for now and smile when you're running.
Smiley rating 8.5/10


  1. everything ok hayfella or are you just going into 'secret training' mode!

  2. Sorry to hear you wont be posting for a bit - will miss your playful posts. Hope all is well for you Hayfella. Best wishes, RB.