Wednesday, 3 June 2009

On despair

Sad run today. After pounding my keyboard all day I was up for getting out to do the '6 mile pace' demanded by my programme. It was such a lovely evening that I thought I'd take a few pics for the blog with the new Coolpix camera that Maggie had bought for me as a surprise present. So I tucked it into my bumbag and did the first 1.3 miles across the fields up towards Potter Fell. This is quite steep and I pushed it quite hard. I thought I'd catch my breath while taking a few pics.
So you can imagine my horror when I discovered that the camera wasn't there. Somehow it had worked it's way out of the bumbag. It was lying somewhere in 1.3 miles of grassland and uncut meadow.
So I spent a disconsolate hour and ten minutes going slowly back to my start point and then going back over the whole route again. To no avail. I must have walked past it three times, but I couldn't find it. I know it's only an object, a 'thing'. But it had special significance and I'm very sad.
Up until then I was really enjoying my run too, I felt as if Iwas going well.
Smiley rating -10

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  1. Oh no! So sad for you to hear what happened. Can imagine the panicked searching. Don't suppose you know anyone with a metal detector to sweep the ground for you... Really sorry Hayfella.