Thursday, 11 June 2009

Is it summer yet?

I ask because it wasn't here at 0650 this morning when I nipped out before breakfast and do my programmed 3 miles.
It was a still, soggy, heavy sort of morning with low cloud, the grasses stooped beneath the heavy dew and the trees bowed under the weight of the sky. Adding to the gloomy atmosphere, the sheep were all lying down, preserving their dry warm patch.
The dew was really heavy so my feet got soaked running through the long grass. It was freezing! My toes went numb, which is not what you expect in June. Still, it was nice to get out.
I felt dead slow again. I think I can still feel Saturday's effort in my legs, or maybe yesterday's. Oh well. Onward.
Smiley rating 6/10


  1. hayfella..all your runs..are you meant to be running them all at the same effort or varied?

  2. uc
    All the same I think. I'm following Hal H's Novice 2 marathon prog. which just seems to build up the mileage. The ultra prog. which follows has more varied stuff in it. I might pre-guess it by doing my shorter stuff as fartlek/tempo runs, before I die of boredom!