Monday, 15 June 2009

Ooh me aching bones

Not many larks about this morning, but I got up with as many as there were. At 0550 my feet hit bedroom carpet. At 0600 they hit Wilmslow pavement to do the 12 miles I should have done on Saturday. (I couldn't do it then, because I was out with the British Pteridological Society hunting for interesting ferns. What a life I lead).
It was a very pleasant morning as I ran from Wilmslow, through Alderley Edge for 6 miles, there to turn round and head back. I quite like out and back routes. Psychologically, turning for home feels good, every step takes you nearer, whereas with a big loop it doesn't feel as definite somehow.
I was doing pretty comfortably until 9 miles, where everything started to ache - particularly the groin muscles and right ankle for some reason. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that the route was largely on road, though I ran as much of the grassy verges as I could. (Thank you Cheshire Council mowing teams).
After a bit of a battle, I got home in 1hr 48, which is a bit rubbish but at least I've got the miles in my legs.
Smiley rating 7/10


  1. theres what appears a decent route called the chelford round..a 20mile trip from the egerton arms round to alderley'll soon be up in the mileage to do it!

  2. Well done for sticking at it even with all those aching bits and at least nothing fell off.

    I am now very intrigued by your fern hunting antics which has distracted me from your training report. What qualifies as 'interesting' in the fern world? :>