Tuesday, 23 June 2009

On looking Californian

The world witnessed a weird sight today.
Smileyrunner in shorts (gasp!), T-shirt (no!), baseball cap (never!) and shades (what were you thinking?!) running in the powerful sunshine for 4 miles. I looked Californian. Without the tan, teeth, ripped musculature, flowing locks and good looks, obviously. I would have taken a pic. but left my phone at home.
Still, it was a nice, flowing, pleasing little run, only interrupted for the purchase of a few stamps in the village shop and to post some letters. But, boy was it hot. The countryside had that heavy, indolent feel about it. If, in your mind's ear, you turned the sounds of the birds into the sound of crickets, you'd think you were in the South of France. It was like running on holiday. And that's why this humble little trot, which I did as a tempo run, gets such a good rating.
Smiley rating 9/10

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